We also offer a private barrel sauna with a breathtaking view of the Jizera Mountains! Music directly in the sauna (radio or according to your preferences via your mobile phone) and pleasant backlighting where you may choose the brightness contribute to an unforgettable experience while overlooking the enchanting countryside.

The sauna comes with all the accessories – towels, a water bucket and everything you need for trouble-free and safe heating in the stove.

The sauna is not included in the price. If you are interested, please contact us. The price depends on the duration of your stay. For a minimum stay of 7 nights the sauna is at a 30% discount!


Sauna price list:

  • 1 267 CZK / 50 EUR for a 2-night stay.
  • for each additional night + 253 CZK / 10 EUR
  • For a minimum stay of 7 nights, the sauna is at a 30% discount!


Sauna may only be purchased as part of the entire stay.


Guests are kindly asked to responsibly follow the instructions for their own safety and the safety of their loved ones!!!

(1) Open the sauna using the code you received in your email.

(2)  Plug the sauna into the mains using the included cable (orange). The electrical socket is behind you and the sauna cable is placed on the right side. After plugging the sauna into the mains, please place the cable connection under the sauna due to possible rain or snow.

(3)  Please plug in the sauna stove approximately two hours prior to your sauna session.

(4)  All the accessories for easy and safe heating are provided in the sauna.

(5)  For proper heating, please use a lighter wool, then place the wood chips on it, light it, and after the chips are lit, carefully place the wood on top of the chips. Then, after the wood has caught fire and the stove has heated up, put the briquettes on. Then you just need to check the fire to make sure it doesn’t go out and gradually add briquettes as needed (approximately every 30 minutes).

(6)  The wood, briquettes, and chips for the sauna are stored in the wood storage box, which is exclusively for the sauna and marked “Wood for the sauna!” (the code for the sauna wood storage box is the same as the code for the sauna). Use firewood only from the fireplace wood box that is designated and marked “Fireplace wood!”

(7)  Use caution when heating in the sauna! To avoid fire!

(8)  Do not enter the sauna under the influence of alcohol.

(9)  Please only enter the sauna with a towel.

(10)  Remote light control does not belong in a hot sauna.

(11) The ideal sauna temperature is between 80-100° C and humidity below 20% (as indicated on the sauna thermometer and hygrometer).

(12) The ideal time to be in the sauna is 15 minutes (see the sauna hourglass). If you are not feeling well, please leave the sauna immediately.

(13) Please take all items out of the sauna when you have finished to prevent unwanted fire. Lock the sauna by code, but leave the door slightly ajar (if it is raining or snowing, close the door properly). After the sauna has cooled down, please clean the ashtray from the stove.

(14) There is a hammer in the sauna in case of getting stuck. Only use the hammer in a life-threatening situation.

(15) There is a bucket next to the sauna for cooling down. After refreshing, please turn off the water tap so that the water will not drain out.